About Us

Everything created in simple way


We bring industry best people to help you grow and pursuit your dream. We are specialized into IT(Software) Industry.

Our teachers are someone who works in the industry where you are going to debut one day. They will guide you throughout your journey and push you till the finish line.

We offer verity of courses which are being used heavily and will be too. We are not someone who ask people to get trained, we are here to suggest you what is best for you and what you should go for. Our exports will help you understanding the best options available for you.


Our vision

A vision is what we plan to do, and our plans are tied with people connect with us. The vision is to grow with and along you. We will ensure that all the students working with us will remember us for the good cause and will put them in a position where they will be confident on what they are and where they want to be

Our Mission

We want each and every one of you, associated with is achieve your dream of doing something for yourself and making an impact for the society. We are here to make our city the best and keep the unemployed rate as less as we can.

We will ensure, each one of you have your vison clear by the time you are out for the next fight

Our Story

Our Team

  • Prabin Kumar Dash


  • Bibhudananda Dash

    Business Consultant , Technical Advisor

  • Bijayananda Dash

    Marketing Officer